The oenological transition is under way. Faced with climate, energy and economic crises and the environmental and financial challenges they pose, the wine sector is undergoing an acute reality check and seeking a path towards a less uncertain future.

Do better by doing less: Is this not the right path, and actually the only realistic one? Tomorrow’s wine will flow from an approach to oenology featuring processes that maximize precision, reliability, productivity, fluidity and responsiveness – and, at the same time, use less electricity, zero additives, need less labor, cut operating costs, and produce less wastewater.

Is this a utopia? Not for Oenodia: every day, we turn this vision into achievable reality with our technologies, deployed in the STARS® Stab, SMART by STARS®, STARS pH and STARS AA ranges.

You will find them on our booth at the Vinitech-Sifel show in Bordeaux from November 29 to December 1. The time is truly ripe to discover or rediscover them, because the solutions they provide are increasingly compelling.

At a time when energy costs are soaring to all-time highs, and ahead of new EU regulations (due in December 2023) that require wine ingredients to be listed on labels (stabilizers and acidity regulators in particular), we offer eco-solutions that are frugal in energy and additive free. They stabilize but also control the pH and alcohol levels of wines – two other oenological-transition challenges brought into sharp focus by climate change.

All of this is delivered by fast-working, easy-to-use units that respect the wine, are configured to each customer’s need, have a short payback period, and are supported by a unique performance contract.

So, if you too want us to unlock the future, come and meet us in Hall 3 Stand C0505. We’re looking forward to it!