SMART World Tour: the adventure continues!

After its first-ever outing in November 2021 at the SITEVI show in Montpellier, the SMART by STARS® then set off to explore the wine world. On a journey that spanned leading French vineyards, the Galilee uplands in Israel, the Spanish region of Castille and Leon and the hillsides of Luxembourg, our little newcomer rolled merrily along – not surprisingly, as it comes fitted with casters!

This global demonstration tour, arranged with our local partners, offered many winemakers, oenologists, cellar managers, and technical chiefs a real-time opportunity to test and appraise our wine-tech gem devoted to eco-selective stabilization in small volumes, boasting low energy use (0.2 kW/hl) and zero additives.

And now, the SMART by STARS® is back on French soil – in Bordeaux, for the Vinitech-Sifel show. Despite a growing reputation, it keeps a low profile with its ultra-compact size. Totally French from design to build, the SMART by STARS® also stands out with full automation, allowing standalone operation in minimal space. Irrespective of terroir, winery layout, and degrees of potassium / calcium in wines, it adapts, honors its commitments, and unlocks your future.

If you too wish to meet the SMART by STARS® and discover its (surprising) potential, get in touch!