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Armenia: Noah’s legacy is in safe hands

A journey to Armenia through the stunning history of Karas winery, where Oenodia will be soon commissioning a brand-new unit. Where does the vine come from? Where did Noah plant the first one? Where was Vitis vinifera first found in its primitive form? Minor Asia, Georgia, Armenia? Fascinating questions! Let’s travel to Armenia a moment, […]

Safra 2020 no Brasil : Um recorde de qualidade

O período de colheita da uva no Rio Grande do Sul, estado responsável por 90% da produção nacional, é um dos mais longos do mundo. A cada ano, a colheita da uva para produção de vinho começa em dezembro, com as primeiras variedades de Pinot noir, Chardonnay e Riesling itálico destinadas aos vinhos de base […]

Vinho no Brasil: o que você sabe sobre esse mercado?

Com um mercado interno dinâmico para vinhos e consumidores aventureiros em busca de novidade e qualidade, a produção de vinho brasileiro encontra um motor natural interno. Cultura do vinho no Brasil Se pensamos que o vinho ainda não faz parte da cultura no Brasil, as últimas notícias do mercado indicam que sua degustação vem gradualmente […]

STARSXF® offers unparalleled efficiency. Three days of plate and frame filtering and a month of cold stability was accomplished in 5 hours!

This, according to Jason McConnell, Owner and Winemaker at RIVINO Winery, following his first time utilizing Oenodia’s STARSXF®, which streamlines wine stabilization with crossflow filtration in a single pass.   April 22, 2020.  Napa, CA.  STARSXF® is part of the STARS Line of technologies, pairing OENODIA’s specific crossflow filter with their STARSStab unit.   Over the […]

SITEVI 2019/OENODIA : welcome to the future

Innovation must be a part of OENODIA’s identity : this year, while preparing for the SITEVI – the Montpellier-based, major tradeshow of the wine industry, OENODIA got the itch to renew the way they showcase their Stars® solutions. So as to reflect the high-end, high-tech quality of the technologies provided, the company found the proper media […]

Bubbles & Stars®: cheers to the Stars® technology settling in Champagne

The Mumm & Perrier-Jouët Champagne group organized a winemaking seminar during which Mumm unveiled the latest innovation to enter their winery: a complete Stars® production line, with a crossflow filtration system paired with a tartaric stabilization unit. Champagne-based journalist and blogger Sophie Claeys wrote about the day – which also highlighted Perrier-Jouët’s unique identity and […]

OENODIA’s Revolutionary STARS Technology recognized by top Champagne brand

STARS Technology offers more than just stabilization to Sparkling Wine Producers – helps with disgorging, adjusting pH and lowering calcium! OENODIA, the oenology division of Eurodia Industrie SAS, one of the world’s leading specialists of membrane-based treatments for the global agri-food industry, has been providing the breakthrough STARS technology for wine producers for the last […]