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Oenodia: first ever remote commissioning of a STARS® unit in Spain

Let’s head south of Barcelona, ​​to the Vila Rodona cooperative, a century-old winery that has remained at the leading edge of winemaking. Innovation is indeed not a question of age but of character. The Vila Rodona cooperative winery, founded in 1919, proved this by carrying out, together with the teams of OENODIA and TecnoEquip, the […]

Armenia: Noah’s legacy is in safe hands

A journey to Armenia through the stunning history of Karas winery, where Oenodia will be soon commissioning a brand-new unit. Where does the vine come from? Where did Noah plant the first one? Where was Vitis vinifera first found in its primitive form? Minor Asia, Georgia, Armenia? Fascinating questions! Let’s travel to Armenia a moment, […]

2020 Brazilian harvest: Never had it so good

The southern State of Rio Grande do Sul produces 90% of Brazilian wine. The harvest period there is one of the longest in the worlds, lasting over 3 months. Let’s cast a light on the 2020 vintage.   Every year, the harvest starts in December with the earlier varietals: Pinot noir, Chardonnay et Riesling itálico. […]

STARSXF® offers unparalleled efficiency. Three days of plate and frame filtering and a month of cold stability was accomplished in 5 hours!

This, according to Jason McConnell, Owner and Winemaker at RIVINO Winery, following his first time utilizing Oenodia’s STARSXF®, which streamlines wine stabilization with crossflow filtration in a single pass.   April 22, 2020.  Napa, CA.  STARSXF® is part of the STARS Line of technologies, pairing OENODIA’s specific crossflow filter with their STARSStab unit.   Over the […]

Wine in Brazil: a taste for novelty

With a dynamic domestic market of adventurous consumers looking for novelty and quality, Brazilian wine production is naturally boosted. Increased appreciation towards espumante, Brazilian sparkling wine, is noted both at home and abroad. Major producer, few consumers 7% of Brazilian adults enjoy wine almost every day – which means around 1.6 million daily consumers. Despite […]